Where have I been??  

Posted by Rachel

What have I been doing since my last post in late February?? Well, let me tell you:

  • Feb 27-28, FBC Orlando hosted the Student Life Tour for the weekend and we took our students. I spent the whole weekend with the 10th grade girls (there weren't too many in attendance), including a slumber party. It was exhausting, but Francis Chan and Kristian Stanfill did not disappoint.
  • March 4, I left for Seattle, for my very first trip to that beautiful area of the country. It was work and pleasure combined (thanks, work, for being so amazing to provide these opportunities!) and my mom went with me. It was good mother daughter time, and I love love loved the city. I'll post more about that at a later date, I hope. At least some of the pics! But for now, here's a teaser:
  • Cake decorating class. What began as LaurieAnn (who is now blogging!) and I in class level one has become a goal of me (now by myself) taking all four levels of classes, and just now being only half-way through. It's an every Monday night (soon to be Tuesday!) occurance and I've made a LOT of cakes. Below is a picture of our first cakes.
  • Jillian, Cara, and I ran our first 10K together on March 14th, an altogether crazy day. 10K in the morning (I beat my goal time!), wedding at 1:30 for a dear old friend in Lake County (pic below), and Cara and I's joint bday party that night at Tavern on the Lake. Dinner and dancing...so fun. And lots of great people were there to celebrate with us.
  • Jaclyn's bachelorette party was Friday the 20th...she's getting married so soon and it is crazy! Here's just one picture from that night:
  • Saturday the 21st was equally as crazy as the 14th! My weekend give no rest for the weary, seriously. First, met the fam at Disney in the morning and spent some time there with Elizabeth and the kids. Then, it was off to pick up Kanoe and Corey (visiting from AZ!) for an evening of fun in my city. Sunday, I was able to spend more time with Kanoe, which was awesome. Especially visiting Little VietNam near downtown. Yes, this poster really did exist.
  • Wednesday the 25th, even though I was VERY sick the night before and still not great that morning, I flew out to Texas, the state that still holds a large portion of my heart. I will DEFINITELY write more about this experience later, and I don't have all my pictures right now, so I'll post more of them later too, but I just got back last night (Monday) and haven't yet sorted through them all. It was a great vacation, full of fun times, good conversation, and moments where my heart felt so full it could burst. Then, there were of course the moments when my heart might have felt it could burst for other reasons too... but those are for me to process through (with the help of a few key friends, of course). Here's one picture I DO have right now... more will come later.

So though I have never been to San Francisco, and I can't sing about that city, I can say that I think I left my heart in Texas instead.