Posted by Rachel I come! Can't wait for tomorrow. Seriously. I get to experience real FALL weather, the big city that I love so much, time with one of my dearest friends, the Lion King on Broadway, good food (HELLO, CHEESECAKE!), relax time, and who knows what else. We have decided this is not a "tourist" trip - this is a retreat. A vacation. Literally. We are going to sleep, go on nice (fall) walks, SHOP, read in the park and coffee shops, and just enjoy each others' company. Can't wait. I'll be sure to blog and post pics when I return.

This could not be coming at a more "timely" time. The past week or two have been really emotionally taxing and I have hit the wall a few times. Spent a few nights crying on friends' shoulders. Needless to say, I feel the need for a break, and I am going to get just that come tomorrow at 6:15pm.

Be back Tuesday night!

(Shoutout to my girls in the picture. I'm sure I will be flooded with memories of my most recent trip to NYC with these girls. Man, I sure do miss and love them.)

"It seems it's always the crazy times"  

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Thought I'd list out my crazy next few weekends (not even including the weeks!):

  • Oct 10-11: Unveiled Conference at FBC/O, Danny and Courtney's wedding
  • Oct 17-21: NYC!!
  • Oct 24-25: HSM 3 opening, working a 5K, Melissa and Andrew's wedding, Brooke Fraser and Ingrid Michelson concert with Kristi...busy, but at least I'm home =)
  • Oct 31-Nov 2: Ben and Alicia's wedding near Destin
  • November 7-9: Coldplay concert, Greg visiting
  • Nov 14-15: NO PLANS YET though there is a downtown Orlando Food and Wine festival that Saturday that sounds fun
  • Nov 21-22: LLC Launch weekend at work, MAYBE UF/Citadel game *crossing fingers* depending on work - I already have a ticket
  • Nov 26-30: Thanksgiving with Tidwell fam in Niceville
"The holidays" will not slacken in craziness I'm sure... it is just too far in advance to really know

The title is a throwback to an old school Christian band - anybody got an idea who??


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First of all, I'm excited about these two new albums that I just bought:

And I'm excited about my weekend.

Tonight, this concert

with Sean, Erin, Tyson, and Megan (in from Atlanta for the weekend), Jillian, Lauren, Bek, Kristi, and Melissa. So, pretty much an amazing outdoor concert in great fall weather (pray it doesn't rain or something crazy like that!) with some of my favorite people in the world. Couldn't ask for more. Then, after a slumber party at my house - I think there's 8 people sleeping there tonight - tomorrow, the Atlanta visitors and Bekah and I will be headed to spend the day with

Courtesy of Kristi and Ryan. THANKS in advance!

Needless to say, this week couldn't have gone much slower.

Let's talk about the weather  

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Today's forecast:

Now I know that some of you look at this and see 87 and think that's too high for October. I look at this and see upper 60s and low 70s most of the day and think that's AMAZING. Now starts the time of year when I actually enjoy Florida's weather.

Fall = football season  

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College football season makes me happy. I love watching my Gators play... though obviously, it is a little less exciting when they LOSE. To OLE MISS especially. But, Saturday was a lot of fun, and as I am mulling over some blog topics in my head, here's a picture to enjoy from the game Saturday.