ABCs of Thanksgiving  

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I know, this is MUCH later than Thanksgiving, but Krisan did this on her blog around that time and I thought it was a great just took me a while to make it happen.

So, here's my list...the ABCs of things I'm thankful for this time of year.

Accountability group – I have been meeting with these two weekly (or as close to that as we can!) for the past year and I’m so thankful for their presence in my life! They encourage me, call me out, pray for me, offer advice and support, etc. LOVE them.

Baked goods – I have a newfound love for cake decorating as of this year, but I’m thankful for sweets and baked goods of all kinds, especially if I get to make them too - that's half the fun!

Cousins – I have lots of good ones… there’s not enough space to mention them all, but since I just got home from Thanksgiving with the Tidwell side, they are in the picture to the left. These boys are like the brothers I never had, FO SHO.

Debt-free – Not having school debt or credit card debt of any kind, my only form of debt has been a car payment to my parents which I paid off this month – just one year after buying my dear Trina (Trashy Trina, as I like to call her). It is a GOOD feeling.

ECBs - Now some of you may not know this phrase, but it does in fact stand for Extra Care Bucks at CVS. I am so thankful for the money that I am able to save through coupons and stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Publix (hello, BOGOs!). Seriously, CVS and Walgreens pay ME to take things out of their store. That is the way to do it!

Family – Wow, this has been a tough year for our family, but I have really seen my immediate (and extended) family come together in way I’ve never seen before. It’s been good to have that in the midst of some really trying times.

Guitar lessons – I’ve been wanting to take lessons for a while, so I decided to finally do it! Ben is a GREAT teacher, so that helps.

Home - My roommates have been SUCH a blessing in my life. Plus, it is a GREAT thing to come home after a long day and feel comfortable and literally "at home".

Instruments - I'm thankful for all the instruments and vocals that go into making music. Music is definitely one of my love languages =). It is one of the best ways for me to relate to the Lord, and one of my favorite ways to spend my time...just listening. And concerts...don't even get me started. My favorites lately, that I cannot stop listening to: Phil Wickham's new album, Imogen Heap's new album, Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb album (hello, it's Christmas time!), Mutemath's new album, Owl City, Shane and Shane's new album, and MUCH more.

Java - I'm thankful for yummy coffee. I love that it can enhance my morning when I have the time to sit and enjoy a cup with my Bible at the kitchen table. I also love going on coffee dates with friends and finding good little hole in the wall coffee shops when I am in new places. Oh to one day create my dream coffee shop/bakery...

Kitchens - My kitchen is one of my stress relievers. Just put me to work on baking or cooking something and I'll be in a MUCH better mood.

Laughter - Makes every day better. Especially when I'm able to laugh with people that have just as obnoxious of a laugh as I have.

Maxi girls - My college roommates STILL play a huge part in my life. I miss them being a part of every day activities, but we make it a point to see each other at LEAST once a year for a Maxi-style reunion.

Nick. Um, yeah.

Orlando - Never thought I'd say that, but I am. I'm thankful for what this city has meant for this stage of my life.

Pastor Uth - Seriously, there are so many Sundays where I just sit there after church and say to those around me - MAN, I just love Pastor David! I have such respect for his love for the Lord and the leadership and teaching that he offers our church.

Quality time with people I love! Seriously, this website has saved me tons of money and I feel like it is a little unknown treasure. Plus, it encourages me to visit new restaurants, which is my favorite! Go check it out, now!

Shopping at H& ORLANDO! That's right, we have one now. Pumped.

Thursday Thunder – our Thursday night Bible study/House Church/small group/”Group” has been God-ordained from day one, which has been cool to see.

Unexpected friendships - I think my most favorite stories of friendships that blossom out of the most unexpected places is my friendship with Courtney Clark Cleveland. We met at Back Booth at an Over the Rhine concert (it's fun to say she's my "bar friend") about 2 or 3 years ago and have maintained seeing each other as often as possible. I reallllly love this girl - and her husband, Michael! They have both been such a blessing in my life, and I'm thankful for our random chats and hang outs. Clearly, we don't have a lot of good pictures together... sorry for the crap quality of this one.

Visiting new (and old) places - I love TRAVEL! In the past year, I have visited California (at least three times - SoCal and SanFran), Savannah, Seattle (two or three times), Texas (go figure), Chicago, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Peru, Panama and Spokane (including a foray into Idaho).

Wycliffe - Wow, I have been blessed with an AWESOME job. I couldn't ask for a better place to have been placed in post-college. My job puts into practice what I learned in college, but also teaches me new things and causes me to grow professionally quite a bit. I have had two bosses since beginning my time with Wycliffe and both have been great. I'm spoiled, for sure. Not only do I get to do what I want, it is for a cause that I believe DEEPLY in. Praise HIM!

Xercise - Though I usually can’t stop thinking about how much I hate running while I actually am doing it, we have a love/hate relationships and I seriously can’t get enough of running, working out, riding my bike (I’m ready to do another triathlon!). My first half-marathon was on December 5, 2009 and I completed the whole thing without stopping. So thankful for Cara to run w/ me! I'm just really thankful that I can be active and want to make the most of that as long as I am able.

Youth Ministry at FBCO - I jumped into teaching 9th grade girls' Sunday School at First Baptist over 2 years ago, and now they are now 11th graders! CRAZY! It has been such a joy to be involved with this ministry. I deeply believe in what they are doing in the lives of teens. Below is a video we created last week for a Sunday School competition. They crack me up...

Zenni Optical - where else can you get prescription glasses for under $20?? It allows me to act on my desire to use my glasses as a fashion accessory, not just a functional and necessary item, because it's so cheap!