Blind faith  

Posted by Rachel

I spent my lunch hour today sitting outside (in the GORGEOUS spring weather), journaling, reading, etc. While journaling about recent events and discoveries in my life, I started thinking about the concept of faith, and more specifically, how I want my life to really embody the principle of BLIND faith.

When a person is blind, they are totally dependent upon someone or something else to lead them when they are walking. It might be another person, a dog, a walking stick, etc. For the sake of this illustration, I'm going to be talking about that leader being another person, and how I want to be that blind one, who is totally dependent upon the Person leading me - that Person being Jesus.

Think about it. The blind one has to totally trust that the person leading them is trustworthy and will lead them well. They can't see ahead of them to know if the pathway is safe. They can't see ahead to know if there is an obstacle or an incline or even a scary creature. They trust. They follow the lead of the person they are clinging to. And when there is an obstacle or unexpected hill on the path, they just lean more heavily upon the one leading them.

Too often, I steer clear of certain decisions, simply because I am unsure of how they might turn out, and that scares me. I walk the easy path, the one I can see in front of me, and very rarely do I venture off it. But that is because I desire the control in my life, instead of relinquishing it to Jesus. Sometimes I think it might be easier if I couldn't "see" in life - ever. Because then I'd be forced to be totally dependent on Jesus. I'd have to trust that where he was leading me was where he wanted me to be. I wouldn't be able to see obstacles in my path, but I would just lean more heavily upon Him when they came up. I wouldn't be able to know what was coming with my next step, much less with my next 20. I would just depend upon Jesus, my guide, to take me the right way. I would have to trust that if he led me through a pit, there was a good reason for it (perhaps protection from something else?), and yet again, I would just lean more heavily upon him to make it back to solid ground. I'd have to trust that if we slowed down, there was a reason, or if he asked me to run, yet again, it was for a purpose.

I have a lot more thoughts on this topic, but yeah...I wanna have blind faith.

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what a great illustration! you are wonderful. will be praying for you.

April 15, 2009 at 9:23 PM

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