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I returned on Monday from one of my favorite weekends of the year: July 4. Every July 4, my family has a reunion in Cashiers, North Carolina. There are five houses owned by different members of the family all on one street, and almost 80 of us were up there for the weekend this year.

We got there late Thursday night, and woke up Friday morning to my dad screaming, "It's POOP!" He had woken up to discover that our septic system had a slight problem, and was out of commission for the rest of the weekend, as it was a holiday weekend and no one could come out until Monday. Needless to say, that was an issue since we had 18 people in the house. Thankfully, there were four other family houses to "visit" as necessary, but that was only until the second house had septic issues and left us with only three working septic systems. Ingles (the local grocery store), had many Cowen family members visiting the restroom in the back corner. GOOD TIMES. Showers were a blast too - taken in 2 minutes flat at another house, or by allowing all the water to run into a tub that could later be emptied outside (and not in the septic system). I would say that the most fun would be the dish washing. Imagine enough food to feed 80 people, and all the dishes it takes to cook and serve that food. Now, picture all of that being washed in Rubbermaid tubs. Three of them.

The weekend was wonderful, Friday we went rafting on the Ocoee river. Friday night, we had dinner for all the "Gen3ers" at our house, and then followed that with lots of NERTZ, only the best card game ever.

Saturday was our huge meal, followed by family pictures and "history" time. Then of course a few rousing games of volleyball before headed out to fireworks. Most everyone started heading out on Sunday, but some of us stayed to enjoy a lazy rainy day on Sunday, and then some amazing hiking on Monday.

I love my family. I love the mountains.


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I love that ya'll wore matching t-shirts. I'd also like to publicly (is a blog public?) disagree with you about NERTZ being the best card game ever. I have a hard time believing that a game created by the devil to frustrate people could ever hold such a title.

July 11, 2009 at 11:26 PM

This totally brings back sister and I still laugh about when this happened to our family and the septic system at our cottage on the beach...we have pictures of Julie and I shaving our legs in the yard with the hose water! BBRRRRRR! I became way too familiar with the public beach bathrooms that week! Yuck! So glad you captured it on'll be laughing for years!

July 14, 2009 at 11:14 PM

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