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I decided to celebrate my birthday for a whole week this year. Well I guess I didn't really "decide" so much as it just happened.

Starting on Sunday the 7th in Laguna Beach, CA, I got to hang out with my cousins Sean and Tyson, as well as Erin, Megan, Jess and Matt. We played beach volleyball and then ate dinner at Mosun Sushi, the best sushi place ever. Then in celebration of Matt and I's birthdays (on the same day), we went to BJs for a pizookie platter. Yum!

Fast forward to my actual birthday on Wednesday the 10th... I went on a walk with the roommates to start the day and they said they were going to cook me breakfast after that. Well when we got done with our walk and came home, Dustin and Nick were sitting on the couch and breakfast was in the oven. Surprise!

Next up...the flowers that showed up on my desk when I was away for a minute, and then Lauren and Erin Welch surprising me by dropping by my desk with a present, including yummy baked goodness... Both made my birthday fin and exciting. And lunch out with Bek!

That evening, Bekah, Ryan, Nick and I headed to Eustis for family dinner in honor of my birthday and our cousin Zac's too.

Friday night was birthday date night at Seasons 52, another lovely surprise, followed by a drop in at Cara's surprise party.

Saturday, I spent the morning/early afternoon at Animal Kingdom w/ friends and then went home to get ready for the play that my roommates and I were going to with Jaclyn that night. At the last minute, Jaclyn needed a ride b/c her car broke down, so we went to pick her up only to find 25 of my closest friends hiding in her living room waiting to yell surprise. There was never a play and Jaclyn's car was just fine, I just have a great boyfriend and friends that planned a fun surprise "breakfast for dinner" party for me that make me feel so loved and appreciated.

And that isn't all! Sunday I flew to Dallas and got to spend time with Emily, Lauren, Ben, Andy and Jamin in the afternoon followed by another sushi birthday dinner with Tim, Crystal, Jess, Lauren and Emily - complete with fun presents from the Maxi and all!

I am one blessed girl. What a great week!

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Okay, I am soooo outta the loop...boyfriend?! I'll trust that he's a good one since he planned a surprise party!! One of these days I'll get all of the details :-)

March 16, 2010 at 9:58 PM

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