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The past few months have been a WHIRLWIND and I am finally taking a few minutes to record some of it here on my neglected blog.

My last post was about all the change that was coming in my life, and I can say now that I have been through the change, am living in change, and still have more change to come, I am sure.

Since so much has happened in the past month, I’m breaking my blogging into chunks, and so today…. WEDDING!

I’m married. Still a little weird, but great. March 26, 2011 is a day I will NEVER forget. Seriously, you spend all this time planning and putting creative energy into making your wedding day exactly what you want it to be, and then the day when you see it all come together is just so memorable, for multiple reasons. Since Nick and I’s wedding was very do-it-yourself, we spent what felt like a TON of creative energy and TIME on making the day our own. We had non-stop projects, from wine bottle vases AND refill pitchers, tin can lanterns and vases, photo window frames, wooden signs, yard games, etc. Really, the projects seemed never ending, but they were fun. Most of them… Nick might not say that about the poking of star-shaped holes into 80+ cans. =) But at any rate, we loved seeing how it all came together. We loved every minute of our wedding day. We loved having so many there to celebrate with us, the great amount of friends we had willing to lend a helping hand, the beautiful weather, the amazing venue (and the couple who owned it!), the food, the flowers, the time with friends and family the week before, our photographer(s), the ceremony, Uncle John’s message, the music, the reception, and the list could go on. Everyone says you won’t remember your wedding day and that your morning will be rushed, and all that, but honestly, I felt pretty relaxed most of the day, and I remember so much about the day! I don’t feel it was a blur, and I’m really grateful for that.

Above any of the details I mentioned above, the defining moment of the day was when I finally saw Nick at the end of the aisle (and I won the bet we had because he cried when he saw me), and I knew that I was about to marry him. Forever. I think we made almost everyone in the crowd cry throughout our ceremony (ourselves included), but we were so touched by that (you can click here to see our photographer’s post on how much she cried: We just pray that our ceremony was what we wanted it to be – a picture of Christ in every way possible. And we pray that those who were there who don’t have a relationship with Jesus would have seen him glorified far more than any of those lovely little details of the day that still did make us so happy.

I’ll try to continue blogging the next few days and weeks about all the other big things (honeymoon, packing, moving, Colorado, etc.), but in the meantime, why don’t you go check out some of our amazing photographer’s photos from the wedding? and


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