Fitted for holiness  

Posted by Rachel

Last Sunday was a good day to be refreshed and refueled in the Word. I'm really thankful for good church communities to be a part of, and feel super blessed by the leaders and the wisdom they share each week.

Sunday morning, during HS Sunday school (where I help lead a table of 10th grade girls), we were talking about being holy. A question we were prompted to ask our girls regarded being "fitted for holiness". I began thinking about when you get fitted for a dress (go with me here, guys). You go that first time and the dress doesn't fit at all. You need them to take it in, take it up, whatever. So, the seamstress pins it all up and goes to work. Next time you try it on, maybe it fits, but there's a chance that one part might still need some work. Perhaps the length is good, but the hips are too tight now. So you try again. You re-pin it, and the process continues. And then, once you get it right and wear it that first time, there's always the chance that you will either gain weight or lose weight by the next time you put the dress on, and then the process would have to start alllll over again. As I was processing through this, I realized that is exactly what it is like to be fitted with holiness. We go to Christ, asking to be fixed - to be cleaned - to be holy. And then, the very next day, we have to go to him, confessing something new, and asking for grace to be "re-fitted" for holiness. Again. It's a continual process, and it's frustrating, but, in the same way I want the dress to fit, I want holiness. I want to go through the process. I want to do whatever it takes to make myself more like Jesus, and I've realized that it is always going to seem repetitive, as I throw myself at his feet again and again, but He expects that, and He's waiting for it. Funny that in teaching those younger than me, I'm reminded of all-too-important truths for myself.

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This is awesome - a great analogy. Thanks for sharing Rach. I can definitely relate...

How did the triathlon go yesterday?? Where was it? Welcome to the club - it's fun isn't it!

September 14, 2008 at 11:14 PM

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