i want it all to be over...  

Posted by Rachel

...all the election stuff, that is. i'm tired of it. after what feels like 2 years of campaigning by the candidates, i cannot believe that today has finally come and that hopefully, no matter the outcome, we can be done with all of this very soon. don't get me wrong, i care. i voted. proudly. but i really have had a growing hatred for everything political these past few months, and i'm glad that i will soon no longer have to see the personal attacks, bashing, anger, constant BLOG POSTS, tweets, rants, etc.

i'm tired of a lot of stuff right now, and i think my fear of allowing my emotions to rule a blog post in the way that they shouldn't has kept me from posting anything lately.

there have been a lot of good things going on (new york, which i still need to post on, ben and lish's wedding in the panhandle, friends that are amazing, church stuff, work stuff, house church, Bible reading, growth, etc.) but there have also been a lot of crappy things going on. and those are the things that make me apathetic to other stuff in life as i realize that there are so many issues going on that matter more. more than ever i'm needing to remember that God is sovereign in all of it.

wow - this is a really odd and ambiguous post. sorry, my mind is a jumble... constantly.

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you're not alone. I'm so over all of this.

November 4, 2008 at 3:55 PM

I'm also with you Rachel on the political sentiment. I'm sorry there have been crappy things going on in your world... know that you are loved by us blog readers!

November 4, 2008 at 4:28 PM

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