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Saturday evening, I went to the movies with two of my dearest friends. We went to see Revolutionary Road...and it WRECKED us. I emotionally invest myself in movies, and by the end of this one, I was exhausted. I was stressed. I was DIStressed. I was angry. I was sad. I was limp.

And somehow, by the time we were finally able to move from our chairs, there were only two other people left in the theater - who were also sitting in emotional shock. Was no one else affected?

We spent the rest of the night evaluating our thoughts and feelings after seeing this intense movie. At first, I was angry that I had seen it, but as time went by, I realized that maybe, just maybe, Revolutionary Road got it right.

In some odd way, I have never seen a movie capture so much of our depraved society. And as it painted the picture of the crap that our society lives in, there did not seem to be one character in the whole movie who was shown not living in an empty, void place. For once, the empty life wasn't glamorized. The whole movie followed two people's desire to get away from living the American dream... and to live life to the fullest... to "really feel things"... to live life in a revolutionary way. And yet, what they got was the opposite of that. They tried to fill themselves with love and adventure from all the wrong places. And it didn't work.

Adultery left characters feeling empty, which was only a slight consolation to the intense anger I felt every time a situation like that arose. Anger and unresolved conflict made me squirm in my seat...similar to the unrest it clearly left them in as well. Abortion led to the most extreme of circumstances, and was definitely not the bright spot or the well-deserved choice that so many people think it is. It hurts. It kills. It SUCKS and I hate it with all of my being.

There was so much irony wrapped up in Saturday evening. Ironic that this family lived on Revolutionary Road and yet experienced anything but a revolution in their life. Ironic that the movie clearly painted a picture in my head of just how much our world needs a revolution...needs to know the revolutionary power of Christ. Sadly ironic that a movie that depicts the horrors and evils of abortion is showing at the same time that our country is taking steps towards abortion rights in a way that it never has in the past. But ironic that my pastor talked about the sanctity of life on Sunday morning and a woman who was affected by our crisis pregnancy center was baptized? I think not.

Our best description pf the evening was that it felt like we had just sat in a theater full of lives just like those we had watched on the big screen. People that do not know how to deal with the stressful moments of life. People that find adultery and abortion and anger and conflict something to be laughed at. And so they laughed. There were so many moments in the movie that Becca and I both wanted to yell out, "WHAT'S SO DANG FUNNY?" When the tension became to great to handle, they decided not to even try, which is, ironically, exactly what happened to the characters of this movie.

And so, the night was ultimately ironic in that we watched this movie with a room full of people who very likely live lives in one way or another all to similar to the depressing lives of Frank and April Wheeler. Kinda makes me want to start a revolution.

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I've been squirming in my seat a lot lately and I didn't even see the movie!
I appreciate your thoughts.

January 27, 2009 at 6:04 PM

i've started stalking you. hope you don't mind. xo.

January 28, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Is it weird that I read the post title and started singing Alanis?

January 29, 2009 at 11:58 PM

Its Mickey from STATUS.
1st) I too saw this movie and loved it.
2nd) I'm impressed that you went to see tis film since it is not the most popular movie around and most people shy away from depressing movies.
3rd) you should announce at the top of your blog that you give away key points in the movie...AND THE ENDING. lol SPOILER ALERT.
4th) Keep seeing great films in the theater. Especially the ones i will be making soon =)

January 30, 2009 at 2:33 AM

I know what you mean! I was completely exhausted and upset after I saw "Slumdog Millionare". It was harrowing!

February 3, 2009 at 10:31 AM

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